Dx 2000 Slicer

The Dx 2000  Dedicated Bacon Slicer

Extended Length 

Slice Bacon Belly's and Flats

12" wide x 3" high x 26" Long

 Product Feed

Slices Bacon with ease 


  • Compact  24" Wide x 24" High x 40" Long

  • Best when used with a conveyor

  • High Speed Slicing - 300-600 Slices per minute available

  • Slice a full belly in under 30 seconds.

  • Sanitary - Cleans up in under ten minutes

  • Welded Stainless Steel  Construction

  • 120VAC Standard wall outlet

Slice onto a Conveyor or into aTub or Tray 

The slicer is "Layout" enabled with controls for  slicing into "Drafts"

Industrial Bacon Slicer, Industrial Bacon Slicing Machine
Dx2000 Bacon Slicer
Bacon Slicing Machine
Commercial Bacon Slicing Machine
Industrial Bacon Slicing Machine
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