Dx 3000 Slicer

The Dx3000 Slicer.

with a Larger Feed Opening

Slice Deli Meats, Natural Meats and Cheese.

with a Larger Feed Bed

8-12" wide x 4-6" high x 18" Long

 Product Feed

The perfect slicer for most natural and deli meats and cheese


  • Compact  24" Wide x 24" High x 32" Long

  • High Speed Slicing - 300-600 Slices per minute available

  • Slice product in under 30 seconds.

  • Sanitary - Cleans up in under ten minutes

  • Welded Stainless Steel  Construction

  • 120VAC Standard wall outlet

Slice into a Tub or Tray for Bulk Slicing 

Add a Conveyor when Slicing into "Drafts"

Specifications and Safety:

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