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The  Job of Conveyors 

Conveyors allow for efficient layout of sliced product.

Conveyors are simply another step in the process of making your

facility  fully automatic.

Transfer Conveyors or Jump Conveyors

allow for layout of product in a compact area.

The sliced product "drafts" are then transferred to another process unit 

such as a roll stock, a weigh cell, another conveyor or a card / tray inserter.  

One stocked 20" Transfer Conveyor is available

Full Length Conveyors  create a work area.

Workers now have an area away from the slicer to package the sliced product.

Full length conveyors are free standing and on casters.

Two stocked full length conveyors are available:

36" length and 60" length

Custom Conveyors are also available. Please ask.

Slicers slice product.

Conveyors begins the packaging process.


  • 15.5' Belt Width

  • Stainless and Acetal Construction

  • 120 VAC Standard Wall Plug

  • 1/3 HP Washdown Gear Drive

  • Variable speed controls included.

  • Shut off when slicing is complete.

DX2000_3000 CONV_GOOD .jpg
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