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ANCO 8027

 The World's Premier Bacon Slicer is Now Manufactured Brand New

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The ANCO 827 Slicer.

A Legend.  At onetime 85% of the Bacon in the World was sliced on this machine.  

Today The 827 is Back.

Introducing the NEW ANCO 8027 SLICER.

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Full Electronic Controls: Slice or Shingle to Exact Thickness.

  • Full Speed:1750 Slices per Minute, 25 Slices a Second

  • Full Size: 34" ANCO Involute Knife

  • Continuous or Ram Feed Models Available

  • 240/ 480 VAC  3 Phase  50/60 Hz.

The Best Part 

Made in the USA and Priced at:

8027 Ram Feed $39,500.00

8027 Continuous $44,500.00

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