Dx Industrial Slicers. Automatic deli slicer. Slice meat, slice bacon and cheese
Dx1000 Automatic Meat Slicer.
Compact Slicer | 22"x22"x 30" 
Fast and Fully Automatic  
Great for Many Deli Meats and Cheese 
7" Wide x 4" High x 18" Long Feed Bed 

Dx2000 Automatic Bacon Slicer
Compact Slicer | 24"x24"x 40" 
Fast and Fully Automatic  
Bacon Slicing
12" Wide x 4" High x 26" Long Feed Bed 

Dx3000 Automatic Meat Slicer. Slice Meats, Slice Cheese in Seconds
Compact Slicer | 24"x24"x 30" 
Fast and Fully Automatic  
Natural Meats, Deli Meats and Cheese 
12" Wide x 6" High x 18" Long Feed Bed 

Jump conveyers allow for slicing directly into a "rollstock" unit
Conveyers used with weigh sells, paper interleavers, tray or card inserters can be added to help fully automate your production. Ask us how.

Slicer Rolling Carts
20" Conveyor - attached to cart
Free rolling conveyors are available in
36" and 60" lengths
All in stock

Industrial Meat Slicer, Deli Slicer


Welcome to the World of  Dx Industrial Slicers 

Slicing Made Simple


Design a Slicing System for Your Needs

All Slicers, Carts, Conveyors

Fit Together Seamlessly

Slice into Tubs, Trays or onto Conveyors 

120VAC  Standard Wall Plug


  • Compact Size  | 24" x 24" x 30"  in size

  • Fast |  Slice Product in 25 Seconds

  • Advanced Control s 

  • Layout  Product or Slice in Bulk

  • Exact Slice Thickness 

  • Sanitary     

  • Wash Down Minutes

  • Safe | Enclosed and Interlocked

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