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Stainless steel  and acetyl construction-FDA Compliant

Dimensions: 32″ wide by 22″ deep by 22″ high

Slice presentation: shave, shingle, stack, and single shingle

Speed: standard high-speed slicing up to 500  to 1,200 slicer per minute (8.3 to 20 slices per second)

1,200 slices per minute is available on some models

Slice thickness: minimum .02″ (.5 mm) to 1″ (25.4″ mm) maximum


It takes ten minutes to train an employee on how to use the DxSlicer and its safety features.  Your employees will dramatically cut down on preparation and clean up time — saving you money, and allowing your staff to spend more time with your customers.  


The DxSlicer uses food-grade stainless steel and NSF approved plastics and is designed for safe, easy cleaning.  Wipe-down between product uses is simple, and for a full wash-down, we include a wash rack for the knife. Food contact parts for daily cleanup are easily removed using no tools, typically in a few minutes. Each slicer comes with an 18-inch brush and cleaning pads.


             Whether you want to slice a bucket of deli meats or a stack of salami, choosing a layout is easy to do. Choose to slice in to an included stainless tray, an optional conveyor belt or into a wheeled cart. Simple-to-use controls allow you to select a slice thickness between .02 inches (.5 mm) to 1 inch (25.4 mm).  If slicing onto a conveyor you may also choose the slice presentation: shave, shingle or stack.  Drafting options allow you to group the number of slices together and control the distance each slice lays upon the last slice.


Safe:  Each machine is equipped with safety interlocks on all trays and doors.

Poly-carbonate covers ensure  safe operation.

Accurate:  Set the product on the machine bed, choose your desired thickness and press start.  Once you press the start button, the full product will typically slice within 18 to 25 seconds, and the carriage returns to the “home” position, ready for the next cycle.  

Economical:  The Dx slicer reduces the workload of your employees by eliminating the need for manual slicing. 

Simply set the product on the machine feed bed, turn the slice thickness dial, and press start. The product will slice from 8 to  30 seconds, depending on slice thickness. 

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